Michael Asiedu

Michael Asiedu

Michael Asiedu

Doctoral Researcher
Mueller-Friedberg-Strasse 8
9000 St. Gallen
Main Focuses
  • African Politics & Development
  • Digital censorship (Internet Shutdowns)
  • Institutions | Courts in Africa
  • Civil Societies in Africa
  • Authoritarianism

M.A. International Studies (Vienna School of International Studies & University of Vienna, Austria)

L.L.M. International Human Rights Law (University of Liverpool, UK)




Michael Asiedu is a doctoral researcher at the Institute of Political Science (IPW-HSG). Michael’s current research seeks to understand under which conditions courts in authoritarian contexts in Africa rule that an internet shutdown directive by an incumbent was illegal. His research further examines the plaintiffs (civil societies, individuals) who file these cases in courts. 

Additional Information

Swiss Political Science Association (SPA)

Competence Center for African Research (CCAR) (IWE-HSG)